» Korean course

I might be getting my ass on a Korean language course that starts this fall, only problem at the moment is, that there isn’t any information of the course content, than the teachers’ names, and how long the course will last….

I so want to go! gonna spy on the page for a few days if the information will come up, or I will have to send email to one of the teachers..

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you know when your dog is on the move when rubber pig starts to oink non stop..

Yep, Rex got a new toy~

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» I don’t know what to think of XC…

I don’t think that I like XC that much….. but Shadow has one damn sexy accent~

it just went quite extreme, evil shall have dark lairs and goodies have blingbling…

Jack sounds fake with the screaming and crying…

and Chase creeps me out a bit..

and for crying out loud, humanized dog who talks…

and the showdowns are just quite plain wrong…. they just seem to kick the whole thing down for me….

but well… just gonna watch a bit more of those episodes..if I start liking it more….

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